Art Yoga Cat

"Breathe. Move. Be."

March 3rd & 4th 7:30pm at Hamilton College's Wellin Hall Performance Auditorium

Spring Dance Concert

"Water's Lament" choreographed by Catherine Wright

"Tears to match my plaintive woes.

Grief for grief and mournful chant for chant."

“Water’s Lament,” choreographed by Catherine Wright, is a multi-media trio performed by Kenzie Nguyen, KaraLin Pintle-Everett, and Victoria Slack. This evocative and haunting features a video projection created by Wright and set to Vivaldi’s opera “Sposa son Disprezzata” sung by Cecilia Bartoli. The three women flow in and out of a set piece by Marc-Anthony Polizzi, while performing daring lifts and abstract gestures of swimming and purification.

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