Art Yoga Cat

"Breathe. Move. Be."

Advanced Modern Dance Technique now in the Mohawk Valley!  Learn Cat's unique contemporary movement style fusing fluidity and strength with a variety of disciplines such as Graham, Humphrey, Bartinieff, Capoeira, West African, Jazz locomotors, Post-modern Release technique and breakdancing (popping, locking, stalls, vogueing) combined with authentic movement and structured improvisation.  

Ballet Arts of CNY 

Wednesdays July 12 - August 9 at 

Modern I (ages 7-10) 10am, Modern II (ages 10-13) 11am, Modern III (ages 14+) 12:30pm

Utica Dance Pre-professional Division 

July 26 and August 2nd at 6:30pm


Friday, July 28th at 1pm

"Fly, Flow, Roll and Pop" Contemporary Dance Fusion, All levels welcome, ages 13+

"Yoga Fusion"
Wednesdays 8:30am at Full Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio in Rome, NY
Wednesdays 4-5pm at NY Power Authority
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm at Utica Dance 
Wednesdays 9-10pm at PrattMWP

Yoga and meditation fuse with a variety of dance techniques including Modern, Contemporary, and African dance to include core strengthening, spinal flow, and isolations with Vinyasa postures to create a feel-good and expressive practice.  Set to energizing music by local DJ's,  this class will invigorate your entire body to not only generate heat but to also build strength, increase flexibility and find balance and focus.  You will feel great after this unique class. Namaste.