Art Yoga Cat

"Breathe. Move. Be."

I create environments in which a character performs ritualistic tasks in order to attain enlightenment. These interdisciplinary choreographic performances fuse structured improvisational and choreographed dance with interactive sculptures and costumes set to film projections and live music. Each body of work is a unique experience in response to the respective exhibit, its theme, and the collaborating artists.

These performance pieces have been described as having a "gothic, grunge aesthetic" (LeFevre, Minneapolis Star Tribune) that are Shamanic, haunting, evocative, vivid, and mythical. The work I produce is a reflection of my identity, comprised of my upbringing, heritage, and life experiences. I am a proud eccentric.

 I research the philosophies of Carl Jung, in particular Anima/Animus and the subconscious/conscious spirit inside the context of the natural world. These explorations yield a dark aesthetic and expression in my work. In contrast, I have discovered a lighter artistic voice through the practice of Yoga and the interconnectivity and compassionate teachings of all beings and life experiences. I continue to explore these dichotomies and their interrelatedness by abstracting them into shape-shifting movement with gesture and intense character analysis. This is done via a ceremony using voice, prose, sculptural props, canvas and animal skin paintings, body painting, costume design, and film projections. My art is rarely literal, but typically dramatic. I encourage a constructivist lens so the work reflects back on the observer their own life experiences and perspectives. This exchange creates a more meaningful, personal, and memorable understanding.

Into the Darkness She Beckons Initiation
MacARTovin Annex, Utica, NY

Tough Love: A Hawai'i Bat Cave Cabaret
Scene 6: The Bat Cave
Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN