Art Yoga Cat

"Breathe. Move. Be."

I create environments in which a character interacts and performs ritualistic tasks that are psychologically driven. These performance pieces have been described as having a "gothic, grunge aesthetic" (LeFevre, Minneapolis Star Tribune) that are Shamanic, haunting, evocative, vivid, and mythical. The work I produce is a reflection of my identity, comprised of my upbringing, heritage, and life experiences. I am a proud eccentric.

For the past five years I have researched the philosophies of Carl Jung, in particular Anima/Animus and the subconscious/conscious spirit inside the context of the natural world. These explroations yielded a dark aesthetic and expression in my work. In contrast, I have discovered a lighter artistic voice through the practice Yoga and the interconnectivity and compassionate teachings of all living things. I continue to explore these dichotomies and their interrelatedness by abstracting them into shape-shifting movement with gesture and intense character analysis. This is done via a ceremony using sculptural props, canvas and animal skin paintings, body painting, costume design, and film projections. My art is rarely literal, but typically dramatic. I encourage a constructivist lens so the work reflects back on the observer their own life experiences and perspectives. This exchange creates a more meaningful, personal, and memorable understanding.